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The online digitizing tool that makes photo stitch embroidery sew files for your embroidery machine. Produces smooth blending using fewer colors by picking and mixing thread colors based on the perceived colors. Make full-color photo-realistic blended designs while reproducing small details. Now you can sew your photos on jackets, canvas for framing, bags, purses, and more. Create an account, upload your photo, and see your free simulations. 

  • Designed for color reproduction.
  • Use your existing thread inventory.
  • Not fabric color-dependent
  • is a small family-run business

No purchase is necessary. Upload your photo and see your demo images free. Create an account to get started.

Want detailed designs with accurate colors?

New technology makes full-color blended designs for your embroidery machine.

Original ImageSimulation Image

Image of sewoutimages showing comparison of sewout, simulation, and original image

Other systems work with photos contrast, and you pick thread colors after the system produces designs; this system is different. Thread colors get selected from a thread palette. These are compared to the photo and layered based on their perceived color, producing smoothly blended designs while achieving exceptional detail.

No purchase is necessary. Upload your photo and see your demo image free.  Create an account to get started.

Already own thread?

Make a custom thread palette to use your thread inventory.

image of cones on thread

Using color and not just contrast removes the guesswork, and the system will create designs specifically using your thread colors. The system does the work of matching thread colors to the photo.

The thread colors are similar to paint on a painter's palette. If your image has blue, you'll need a blue. Without that, the system might use a blueish-green, or, if no color is close enough, it might use no color and leave a void. Also, for this reason, choosing not to use the shades it selects can produce unexpected results.

You have more colors in a custom thread palette, and the system will have access to more colors. However, you could also give it fewer colors to create a custom effect.

System thread palettes are complete manufacture sets (except for some fluorescent and variegated).
You can pick your favorite thread manufacturer, let the system use a wide range of colors, and select the ideal threads for your project. 

The available system thread sets.

  • Isacord Poly
  • Madeira Poly
  • Madeira Frosted Matt
  • Gunold Poly
  • Gunold Sulky
  • ThreadArt


Custom thread palettes can be a mix and match of any system threads. 
Make a custom thread palette and use just your current inventory. The system works with what you give and creates the design with your threads.

No purchase is necessary. Upload your photo and see your demo images free.  Create an account to get started.

Designs are not fabric color-dependent.

Sew out on light colored substrateSew out on dark colored substrate

The system fills the design with stitches allowing sewing on any fabric color.

No purchase is necessary. Upload your photo and see your sample images free.  Create an account to get started. is a small family-run business.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.