How do I crop my photo

Select the image editor for the photo

  1. Select the Crop under the edit tools menu.
  2. Draw a crop box to select the area of the photo to keep.
  3. Select OK.

When you are done editing the save the photo.

How to upload a photo.

  1. Select the Add Photo button in Photos
  2. Give your photo a name
  3. Select the Choose File and select your photo with the systems file browser.
  4. Press Save

Allowed types: png jpeg jpg jpe gif. 20 MB limit.

How to not digitize all of the photo

Fully transparent pixels do not get filled. Semi-transparent pixels get filled at a lower density.

Remove the photo parts you don't want to be in your design by making them transparent in your photo.

How do I make parts of the photo I don't want transparent?

This site has simple editing tools, and If the parts of your photo you want to remove are a solid color, you can use a flood eraser or color eraser tools to remove areas. If the area is more complex, you would need to use a photo editor like GIMP(free), Photoshop(subscription), or Pixlr(free) to remove the parts you don’t want 

A web search will provide more programs and instructions on removing backgrounds from images and saving them as transparent png files.



removebg - Remove Image Backgrounds automatically

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

Pixlr - Online Photo Editor