How to edit a custom Thread Palette

  1. Select the edit icon for the thread palette you want to edit.
  2. Make your changes, by adding or removing thread colors.
  3. Select Save to submit the changes.
  • Adding threads
    • Input the thread color in the field and select it from the autocomplete.
    • To add more fields select "Add another item" and input the next thread color.
  • Removing threads
    • Erase the field contents of the color you wish to remove


What are Thread Palettes?

The set of thread colors the system can select from when digitizing a photo.

There are system palettes and custom palettes.

  • System palettes are manufactures sets, almost complete except for some neon and variegated.
  • Custom palettes are lists of threads you give the system, and this can be a mix and match of any system thread color.

What threads palettes are available?

Currently available system thread palettes.

  • Isacord Poly
  • Madeira Poly
  • Madeira Frosted Matt
  • Gunold Poly
  • Gunold Sulky
  • ThreadArt
  • Simthread


You can make new thread palettes from a mix and match of any system threads. 
Use can use just your current thread inventory. The system can only pick from the threads you give it to creates a design.

What thread colors can I use for the designs?

Use the thread colors the system selects. Please think of the system like it's a painter, and the thread palette is the paint the system can use when digitizing (painting) a project, but using tricks of the eye to mix thread colors (paint) in your brain.  Changing thread color changes the other colors perceived colors.

To make the system use your thread inventory, create a Thread palette with just the colors from your inventory. Give the painter your paints (thread set) and ask it to paint (digitize) you a picture.