How do I size my design?

Input the height or width of the final design when digitizing.

The proportions are locked, and size includes any border of transparency or background color.


Tip: Use the edit photo trim tool to remove any extra border, and the eraser tools can remove some backgrounds.

Note: The system fits the design to the hoop if the actual photo size at 254.5 DPI  [100 PPC] is larger than the hoop sew area. The system does not increase the photo size unless specified. 

How to digitize a photo

Check that the photo is what you want the design to look like.

The recommendation is you digitize a photo multiple times to give you a selection. Every design produced is different, even with the same settings.

1. Press the Digitize Photo button on the photo you want digitized  

2. Set the digitizing settings

  • The Hoop is the maximum design size.
  • Size of design height and width have locked proportions and set the design’s size, including any transparent pixels.
  • Thread Palettes ​​​​​​are the colors the system can pick.
  • Maximum colors are the number of colors the system can select from the thread palette.
  • Maximum cuts per color: The number of times a thread color can be cut.

3.  Press "Start Digitizing."


How to not digitize all of the photo

Fully transparent pixels do not get filled. Semi-transparent pixels get filled at a lower density.

Remove the photo parts you don't want to be in your design by making them transparent in your photo.

How do I make parts of the photo I don't want transparent?

This site has simple editing tools, and If the parts of your photo you want to remove are a solid color, you can use a flood eraser or color eraser tools to remove areas. If the area is more complex, you would need to use a photo editor like GIMP(free), Photoshop(subscription), or Pixlr(free) to remove the parts you don’t want 

A web search will provide more programs and instructions on removing backgrounds from images and saving them as transparent png files.



removebg - Remove Image Backgrounds automatically

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program

Pixlr - Online Photo Editor